White sage & Lavender – october featured core scent 2022

If you are looking for a simple candle to light up a room, perhaps you have thought about using White Sage & Lavender candles and wax melts. These products are calming and perfect for the bathroom, living room, bedroom – really anywhere you like to relax and introduce some positive energy to your space. This fragrance smells so nice that you will want to use them all around the house. Our candles are named Peace & Quiet to help build a space free of negative energy and emotional balance. 

The calming fragrance is soothing, fresh and calming, quiet, not overpowering. The combination of white sage and lavender makes this scent a great balance of fresh, floral, herbal, and woodsy. There is something to enjoy for everyone in this fragrance. 

White Sage in History

In many parts of North America, white sage was traditionally used to heal cuts and wounds. Settlers also used white sage for smudging. Native Americans use white sage for purification and healing and for calming and centering. White sage’s scientific name is salvia apiana.

Our Products

Our White Sage & Lavender, or Peace & Quiet, products come in full size candle, wax melt, tealight, or sample form. Our full size candles are 8.5 ounces and get approximately 50-75 hour burn time. Not ready to commit to a full size candle? Try our wax melts for a flameless option or check out our tealight packs and sample tin candles. 

White Sage & Lavender /Peace & Quiet products are automatically 30% off through the month of October. No code required. 

Phthalate-Free for a Clean Burn

These products are part of our Safe Scents. This means that on top of using Phthalate-Free fragrance oils, they are also free of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, and acute toxins

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