The Cozy Collection

Personalized Candles for Closing and Housewarming Gifts

A candle collection created to make comfortable spaces with lasting scents, bright colors, and low-smoke natural ingredients. The Cozy Collection was crafted as a gift for new property owners.

The Ideal Closing Gift

A good gift should get you more referrals, make your client know that you care, and not cost a fortune. That’s where our candles come in.

House to Home

Chances are your gift will be one of the first things that gets moved into the new house. A candle is a perfect way to turn a house into a home. Fresh new scents for all the painting and partying that comes next.

Clean Scents & Wax

Our Candles are soy wax and use clean scents. They’re carcinogen-free, mutagen-free, and toxin-free. They’re just plain good candles.

Functional and on display

Plenty of gifts just get thrown into a cupboard and then pushed to the back. Who knows if they’ll ever use that cookie jar the bank gave them. Candles are functional and used often.

Your Results

The candles aren’t just good for people. They’re good for business too.

Make a memory

Did you know scents create memories that are 6.5x stronger? Recall and memory are powerful tools for earning more referrals.


Your name is your brand. Include your name on these candles so visitors will know who put the work into transacting the real estate deal. It’s like a business card, but it smells great, looks great, and is better when lit.

Attractive and Central

Candles are common at housewarming parties! Let your name come up when someone compliments the new home that smells great.

Who makes these candles

Den Candle Co candles are made by a wife and husband duo, Meghan and Colt, who are cozy fanatics located in New Jersey. When Meghan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, candlemaking and cozy vibes became the mission. We make the highest quality candles out of soy wax, cotton wicks, and clean scents for homeowners who want to craft their happy space.

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