Wick Trimmer


Your number one tool for getting the most out of every candle. Trimming your wick before each burn ensures that you candle is not working harder than it needs to or burning hotter than necessary. Just keep it next to your lighter for an easy snip before lighting.


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Wick trimmers are so important for the quality of your candle. If you don’t trim your wick a few things happen:

  • Your flame is burning hotter to burn off additional carbon on the wick
  • Flames can get wild if there is too much carbon and shrooming on the wick, which can be dangerous
  • Your candle will burn faster, leaving you with less hours of burn time, the hotter it burns

How to use your wick trimmer:

  1. Place your fingers in the top holes, just like scissors
  2. Rest the bottom of the trimmer on the wax
  3. Snip the wick!

I tend to put the trimmings on the lid, light the candle, and then flip the wick in to the trash.

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Weight .7 lbs
Dimensions 7.08 × 2.36 × .79 in


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Wick Trimmer