Mother's day

Mother's Day

Gift box

The perfect gift for

Mother's Day

Each box comes in an 8x8x6 box, ready to gift as is or be wrapped. 

Inside you will find one tumbler candle, one scent spritzer, one four pack of tealights, and our limited edition Spring Showers soap bar.  Each box is customized to the recipient, with you being able to choose all your scents for each item, except the soap bar. 

Available through the month of April. 

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Gifts sets are the perfect way to bundle & save.

Save up to 30% by snagging a gift set. 

With candle gift boxes and diffuser boxes, there is something for everyone. Need flameless good smell option? Check out our diffusers and Flameless Gift Set. 

Our Mother's Day boxes make the perfect gift for mom to celebrate her special day.

Mother's Day boxes aren't labeled with Mother's Day, which make them great to give to anyone you want to celebrate this spring. Each box comes in an 8x8x6 box filled with fun crinkle paper, so it is ready to give as is or you can wrap it! 


Our Mother's Day Gift Boxes make great gifts for teachers, coaches, aunts, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, friends...really anyone!

Available through the month of April as a gift set.