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Meet the team


Head candle maker. Has entirely too many ideas and no where to put things. Meghan first started learning about candle making to make favors for her & Colt's wedding. Realizing how much fun it was to make candles, and then realizing how many candles she burns in a year she kept up the hobby and continued to learn. If you love your candle that's all Meghan, if the website is broken...thats probably Meghan, too.


Head of all things "business". Colt does all the things Meghan doesn't want to pay the taxes or take care of any other paperwork. He also un-breaks anything on the website that Meghan manages to break.


Head of Pawperations. Harin is one half of our customer service & quality assurance team. She oversees all candle making processes from the start of the wax pouring to the packaging of orders.


Head of barketing. Top Supo-visor. Supo also lets us know when USPS is here to pick up all your orders to bring to you or when UPS is dropping off a supply restock.