Meet Our Best Selling Core Edition Scents

What are Core Edition Scents? Simple! They’re our 12 scents that are available all year, and almost always ready to ship. These scents are available in our standard tumbler candle, wax melts, tealights, candle tins, and some are available as Reed Diffusers. Our Core Edition Scents are wonderful to burn year round, or in a specific season.

Meet The Core Edition Scents

A Little R & R

A Little R&R is a calming blend of Palo Santo inspired fragrance, grounded with sandalwood. This is the perfect fragrance for when you want to curl up on the couch with a soft blanket and read your favorite book or binge watch your next show.

Cactus Flower & Jade

Cactus Flower & Jade is a complex floral arrangement that creates a unique aura of far east markets or far west deserts. Worldly and beautiful, this candle delights.

Cinnamon Swirl

Cinnamon Swirl, also known as Cinnamon & Vanilla, is the scent of swirled sugar on cinnamon buns carefully baked with all-natural vanilla ingredients. Delicious spices and edible scents will fill your home with this candle!

Drift Away

Warm and earthy like a comforting embrace, contains tones similar to a men’s cologne.

Fresh Linen

Like doing laundry outdoors on a clean spring day, with a fresh breeze and a warm cast of sun rays. Our Fresh Linen products also include an odor eliminator, which makes them perfect for any space.

High Tide

Salt, Sand, and Storms. This scent braces against the beauty of nature and brings the smell of the brewing ocean storm into your home.

Orange Blossom

Warm tones perfect for warm months, this scent is a melody of citrus and floral song.

Peace & Quiet

Also known as White Sage & Lavender, Peace & Quiet brings good intentions into your home and life. Healing and calming notes make up this self-care scent.

Pink Rock Candy

Pink Rock Candy is the perfect blend of fruity and sweet. This fragrance is blended with an old favorite, Strawberry Guava, for that touch of juicy fruit to complement the sweetness that underlies the note profile.

Siren Mist

Siren mist is crashing waves and the promise of new adventures and fresh opportunities.

Spa Day

Scented like an herbal trip to the spa, this candle aroma is ideal for a relaxing bath.

White Birch

Welcoming, woodsy, and wonderfully clean scented, this craft is an invigorating balance of sweet and sharp pine. Smoothed out by softer scents, this is a fantastic candle for any room in the house or a great gift that everyone can enjoy.

Our Core Edition Scents are tried and true! While we offer rotating Limited Edition Scents to match the seasons and holidays, our Core Edition Scents are always here when you need them.

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