May 27, 2021 Diary

Been a bit longer than I intentded between posts, but here we are!

This past week has been wild at my other job. I work for a production company, so I am either super crazy busy or just normal busy. Last week we finished up working on one show, and I transfered right over to another one. This is either smooth – or buck wild trying to figure out who get what email, where all files live, and the status of every assets clearance. Also my job is based on the west coast, so that means late nights when things are wild. Staying up (and actively using your brain) until 9pm or later may work for you, but it doesn’t for me. So this last week was a bit rough.

Because of all of this, I tapped my mom in to help me pack up some orders over the weekend. So she wrapped all the candles I had staged in their boxes for our Summer Subscription boxes and I topped them off with their crinkle paper and other goodies. She also helped me pack up some other orders, and the weight I felt lifted off of me was insane. In just a couple of hours (if that), I had everything packed up as much as they could be, if not totally packed up. I was then able to make 90 candles and a bunch of wax melts when we were done, as well as labeled and cleaned up other candles that we just hanging out around our house (as they do).

Last night my order came in with our candle boxes for the show we are going to. I LOVE the boxes and the way they look. I dream of having a store front one day and setting up cute displays, so I am using the show as an excuse to do that on a much smaller scale. The down side of the boxes is they don’t fit as nicely with the candle lid on, but it is such a great tradeoff and I don’t know who really uses the lids anyway. For now , this packaging will just be for in-person events, but maybe they will become standard in the future….

I also got smaller wicks to do more wick testing on some new vessels I want to multi wick for our Cozy Collection remake. These are going to be a bit more upscale, larger candles to optimal coziness. I have ideas for scents, but haven’t landed on anything yet so I don’t want to say too much.

That’s about it for this past week! I’m going to make some more candles this weekend, especially if it rains all weekend like the forecast says. AND I have Monday off for the holiday, so perfect time to make ALL the candles. I can’t wait.

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