May 16, 2021 Diary

What a day. I kicked off this morning by making some candles, which is always a good way to start my day. I knew I had limited time to get things done, so I had a Plan A and a Plan B of what else I could make if I had time. I was able to get just about everything made this morning, which was really great.

I made some of our retiring core scents, partly for current orders and others for stock to get curing. When I am retiring scents or when limited edition scents are winding down, I try to keep 2 ready to ship or curing to ship. I was able to do that today for some of the retiring scents which was really good. I have to make some more though another day.

I also made the base of the last of our Celebration Cake candles. I will hopefully be able to do the toppings early this week while they cure. I struggle with pipping the wax, so if anyone has some pointers let me know!! These candle are so cute and the perfect way to celebrate Den Candle Co. turning one!

Thanks to my amazing Presto Pot, I was also able to get regular core stock made. I realized the other day that I had literally two Fresh Linen tealights, so I was able to make more candles and tealights in Fresh Linen. I was also able to get more White Sage & Lavender and Cactus Flower & Jade made so they can be fulled cured by the time they are sold. That is the difference between core scents and everything else, core scents are almost always ready to ship and ready to burn when you receive them. I also have to figure out how many of what I want to make and bring to the craft show I’m doing in July.

Speaking of the craft show! July 11th you can catch me (and my mom and prob my dad and prob my grandma and maybe Colt and who knows who else) at the Ladies Auxiliary Market in Manasquan, NJ! I am so excited and scared. It’s going to be warm, so I am worried about my brain and making sense while I talk to people, but I know my mom will help with that when I need to. And I got a spot that I can have my car, so hopefully I will be able to keep some cooling supplies easily accessible for me. I have to figure out how I want to set everything up. I have some ideas but I’m nervous to commit to anything just yet, while also being nervous to wait too long to find things I want for display.

In addition to all of our core stuff at the fair – I am also going to have two new scents just for the fair in the ceramic vessels that I have (as long as my wick testing goes well). I just ordered that and restocked on some other things, which is always fun.

Today’s good: Got more candles made than expected!
Today’s bad: Other than being tired, not much else honestly. Would have been nice to get more Summer Scents made, but that’s ok!

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