May 13, 2021 Diary

Day one of our diary series! This is to give a glimpse of a “day in the life” of a small business owner, who works a different full time job (which is not uncommon), while also dealing with a chronic disease! I am looking forward to logging the highs, lows, lessons learned throughout this journey. We love learning new things, whether it’s figuring out new wax, wicks, vessels, scents, products….you name it.

Today is a Thursday, which typically means my other job consumes my life 10am-9pm. Luckily, today was not a typical day and I got to get a lot of work done for Den. So here is what my day was like today!

Yesterday I had treatment, which is usually followed by feeling incredibly powerful and productive the following day (or days if I’m lucky and smart). So today I focused on tealights. We’ve added four packs of tealights to our core scents, so today I was able to get samples packed and labeled and prepped for a picture session. Some days I never know when, or if, my boss will call me so I do my best to do things in segments that way I can switch gears almost instantly if he, or anyone else, needs me.

Once I had everything packed, I realized I needed to actually create the labels for the two styles of tealight packs we carry, so I did that and printed them out. I set up my picture station, and got to work. The challenge of taking pictures of tealights are the plastic surface that will either totally reflect the ring light, OR create wild shadows on the background. I chose the wild shadows, and kind of regret it.

As I was updating all the appropriate products, I decided to ask Colt his opinion on which product image to use between the wild shadows and what we currently have. He chose the style we currently have up, which made me sad. But he hates the wild shadows, so it’s fair. I decided to just accept it for now, realized I left something off of the labels I created, and decided I would try again next time. I plan on doing a full picture day when we have the new scents and proper labels created for all the products.

Next I planned out some blog posts for the future that I am really excited about. When I finish this, I’m going to eat some dinner and maybe pack some orders up to ship out tomorrow. If I don’t do them tonight, I will just have to get them done tomorrow morning before I go to physical therapy. And that will be it for the day. I wish every day could just be Den focused, but for now I take every day that I can and when I have the energy and brain power I go all out.

Today’s low – realizing I didn’t actually like any of the pictures I took today after editing and publishing them all.

Today’s high – 90% Den focused day, got a run in, and walked the dogs with Colt in the late afternoon. Also remembered to get to wick testing early and started wick testing the mini tumblers (which are ridiculously cute).

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