June Featured Scent: Siren Mist

Every month, we feature one of our 12 Core Edition Scents. June this year is all about Siren Mist. If you are a part of the Candle Club, this amazing scent will be included in your summer box! This is one of my personal favorites, and if you like fresh and clean scents I think this will be a favorite of yours too!

About Siren Mist:

This wax comes in a nice light blue, seafoam color. This fragrance has orange peel and lemon peel essential oils blended in. Orange peel and lemon peel essential oils are believed to have mood lifting and stress reducing affects.

Note Profile of Siren Mist:
Top Notes: Sea Salt, Ozone, Lemon
Middle Notes: Green Leaves, Jasmine, Lilac, Orange Blossom
Base: Tonka Bean, Amber

A Closer Look:

Siren Mist is a light but powerful fresh and clean scent. The lure of the ocean and mermaids calling to you is the essence of this scent. Ocean scents can lean more towards the masculine or cologne-y side, but Siren Mist has the perfect touch of femininity while keeping the ocean vibes strong. You might notice that there are more floral middle notes, but this scent is not flowery. Base notes of tonka bean and amber ground this scent, while the top notes of sea salt, ozone, and lemon bring lightness and freshness.

Best Den Spots:

This scent works well in just about any room of your den. Personally, I like to use the wax melts in the bathroom to keep the area fresh and clean smelling. Anywhere you might need a touch of lightness and femininity, you can put this product.
Recommended rooms: Living room, Entryway, Bedroom, Bathroom

June Specials

Use ‘ CoreSpecial ‘ at checkout to get 10% off Siren Mist candles, wax melts, tealights, and diffusers. We also have a special soap bar in this featured scent in limited quantities.

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