June 1, 2021

Happy June! I made so many candles, tealights, and wax melts this past weekend. And I am exhauseted.

The plan for Saturday was to make show stock for all the candles that I use liquid dye to color. Then Sunday was tealight and wax melt day – which ended up taking over 9 hours and I was exhausted. I didn’t sleep that much Saturday night. I’ve never been the best at falling asleep – but I couldn’t get comfortable without losing all feeling in my right arm so I moved to the couch. Didn’t get much sleep, and almost didn’t make anything on Sunday. I figured I would start making some stuff and then just stop when I couldn’t anymore. But because of who I am, I just kept going and am now paying for it. If I don’t pay attention to and respect my energy levels, I do pay for it twice as hard. I slept until 11 today, which I have not done in quite some time. I tried to wake up and go to physical therapy, but I only managed to stay awake enough today to cancel PT and have a small breakfast.

Let me tell you about making tealights for 9 hours. I spilled wax…everywhere on our poor table. I did all this math to have exactly 48 tealights of every core scent, only to spill wax and not have enough wax to actually make all the tealights. Then I was so tired, I just put them away once they were cooled so that I could clean the table and pour more tealights…just to spill all over again. Repeat that process three times. So now I am going to have to spend a day cleaning hundreds of tealights before packaging them up for the kraft fair. And figure out how many more I need to make between now and July to have the perfect amount.

I also made a bunch of wax melts for the show/stock. I am slowly moving away from dye blocks for color, which means some colors need to be reformulated and some will be altered. Some colors I matched perfectly, some look even better, and some need some work. I love color theory and figuring out what I have and what I need to mix and how much to use to create a certain color. The orchid color of the Cactus Flower & Jade / Desert Sunset is going to be so hard. The first color I tried just came out pink, so I added a drop of purple and now it looks like a grape-y color. Which is pretty – but I LOVE the orchid color so that one needs a little bit more work. Nailing the seafoam color for Siren Mist was also a little complicated and took two tries, but I am happy with it!

SO here we are. The next day. Tired. Trying to work my other job. Watching the price of soy wax continue to climb. But also looking at my beautiful new jars that I can’t wait to wick test from SixteenSeventeen for the relaunch of The Cozy Collection. One jar is literally as big as my face. It’s incredible.

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