Holiday Buyer’s Guide

Holiday Scientists around the world have been researching the best scents for our Longer Night’s Collection. Knowledgable experts on Christmas Tree’s and Holiday treats were flown into our secret candle crafting headquarters to help us score and rate candles to make the most perfectly curated collection. In order to help you pick the best candle for your home, we’ve created this buying guide based on 5 stringent categories. Holiday Cheer, Winter Wonderland, Forest and Frost, Hearth and Home, and finally Warm Treats.

Here’s the top scoring candles for each category!

Holiday Cheer


Holiday cheer is all about the excitement for the coming holidays. Sharing joy and love through the season and giving when you can. It is the embodiment of decorations, holiday spirit, and good year-end parties.

Winter Wonderland


Winter wonderland provides sensations of snowy winterscapes and large fir trees. Simple log cabins cozied by fires. Northern lights swinging lazily across the sky in the arctic north. This category is for pure winter magic.

Forest and Frost


Forest and Frost is about hunting for christmas trees or wandering through frosty woods. These tree scents are close to home and near to our holiday hearts.

Hearth and Home


Hearth and Home is about fireside chats, drizzling weather, and oversized blankets. It’s the homiest, comfiest winter scents that could ever be. Curl up with a book and any of these candles for a holiday delight.

Warm Treats


Fire up the oven because these treats come straight from the North Pole’s cookbooks. These scents are great for the kitchen space where we spend so much time during the longer nights of the year.

Candle Scoring

Our scientists used a complex scoring system to decipher each candle’s unique traits. This radar graph shows how each scent scores based on our scientific ranking factors.

Graph Reading Tips

  • If you’re on mobile, turn your phone sideways.
  • Click on a scent name to toggle it on or off.
  • Click the button toggle all the scents at once.
  • Click points on the radar graph to see what scents score 1-5.


  • Kim Smokowski

    So hard to pick a favorite, also depends on my mood. I’m most excited for Blue Spruce as I know that will be burned all winter. White Birch from your permanent collection is another favorite for these colder nights. Not having a real tree anymore always makes me sad but I know Fraser Fir will do the trick! Christmas hearth and Bayberry also are triggering happy holiday memories. I sure hope Santa is taking note!

  • Kathleen Szesciuk

    I am so excited with this wonderful collection. Winter is my Favorite Season! I. I know I will enjoy candles from all categories. I am also so impressed with how you continue to develop your products and web sight. Thank you! You’re a great team 👍!

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