Tips And Safety!

Burning your soy candle

Before you start to enjoy your soy candle, there’s a few things you should know! Your candle may be freshly poured. Check the pour date on the label of your candle, if it’s been less than a week don’t light it quite yet! Let the candle finish curing. I aim to wait two weeks before lighting a candle, but sometimes I just can’t wait.

Light it up! Now that you've waited 1-2 weeks, pick the best spot for your candle! You want to avoid a draft as much as possible. The more of a draft the candle experiences, the harder it has to work to stay lit. Next, check your wick! If your wick is longer than ¼ inches, give it a trim. You want your wick to be somewhere between ¼ - ⅛ inches.


The burn. Don’t light a candle you’re not ready to let melt all the way across. Soy wax has memory. If you don’t let it melt all the way across on the first burn, you risk sinkholes and other issues the next time you light it. Don’t burn your candle for more than four hours, give it a break sometimes! When a candle burns for more than 4 hours, it can start burning the fragrance oil faster. If you want the most out of your candle and its scent, make sure to let it cool off after 3-4 hours.


The extinguish.  And when there is less than ¼ in of wax left, it’s time to thank that candle for the coziness it provided and grab a new one!

Bumps in the candle surface?

You may notice some sinkholes on the top of your candle. I get the smoothest top I possibly can, but sometimes the soy just doesn’t want to cooperate. This will not affect the quality of your candle! 

You may also notice a bumpy surface after burning the candle and it solidifies. This is also normal and typical of soy wax! The quality of your candle is not affected. 

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