About Den Candle Co.

We take the term 'small business' seriously.

Den Candle Co is made up of a husband and wife duo, Meghan and Colt. This is mainly a two person run small business. All products are made in small batches in our own kitchen to ensure the highest quality of every product that we sell. We have two dogs who will help us with scent testing and picture taking. Meghan's mom will help us wick our jars, and we are forever grateful for that assistance.

Everyone Loves a Good Origin Story...

So here is ours.

Meghan first started making candles as wedding favors for their wedding, and quickly fell in love with the process. It's the perfect combination of being creative, while also following rules of creating and more math equations than she ever did in college. First she started with selling candles at cost to her family, just so she could make more candles. You can only burn so many at a time, and she was making them faster than she could burn them. Den Candle Co was formed in May of 2020. Not only was there a pandemic happening around the world, Meghan was going through the process of figuring out her eventual Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. With Colt's encouragement, she decided to ask him to help her make a website to attempt to sell her candles and wax melts to friends.

A Rose By Any Other Name

Picking a name was incredibly difficult. Every name Meghan came up with, Colt had a good reason why it shouldn't be named that. The name Meghan most liked was "Village Dog Candle Co" because their dogs are village dogs and she thought it sounded cool. Colt nixed that because it was too long (he's right), which lead Meghan down the path of dog related words. This is where Den comes in. Dogs live in dens! Dens can be cozy. Meghan and Colt love to be cozy. And here we are, Den Candle Co. where the co stands for cozy.

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