5 Best Candles for Selling a Home

Buying and selling homes are the biggest purchases that we make in our lives. There is nothing else that we take 15/30 year loans out on. So when you go to sell a home, you should squeeze every dollar you can out of the sale. It’s not a new idea to put some candles and scents out during walkthroughs. However, it is essential that you create a cozy space that potential buyers want to imagine themselves in. You’ll close quicker and at higher dollar values with the right scents.

That might seem a little bold. But candle scents create memories that are 6.5x stronger. You have the opportunity to make your home massively more memorable than the rest of the homes on the market. 

Real Estate Candle Basics

There’s some candle etiquette to consider before showing the house. Nothing throws a scent better than a candle, but it takes time for the wax to melt and set the mood for the home. Candles shouldn’t be used for a quick showing. Need a shorter commitment? Check out our diffusers, wax melts, and scent spritzers.

Candles should be lit long enough to pool all the way across

Candles won’t work if they can’t evenly melt and have the time to spread the scent. We suggest having the time to burn for about an hour.

Someone should be home to watch the candles

You don’t want to forget about the candles after a showing. Nothing would be worse than locking up an empty home with lit candles inside.

Open house is the best time to scent

You can get an extended burn and enjoy the cozy environment you’ve created for selling the home.

Use candles with Safe and Clean Scents

Not all candles are created equally. Our 5 best scents for real estate are phthalate-free, carcinogen-free, mutagen-free, and more. They’re made out of soy wax and not oil-based wax like paraffin. They’re just better for homes and people.

 Keep it simple

The complicated or foody scent is personal taste and should be left out. You’ll have to appeal to a large audience who might have different preferences in candles. Keep it simple and you can please the main crowd.

Top 5 Real Estate Candles

#1 Fresh Linen

Fresh linen is an odor eliminator that creates a clean and natural vibe within a space. It grabs bad odors and removes them from the air leaving the home with a light and airy scent. Elements of lemon, ozone, and powder build around common clean candle notes. Although light, the candle might evoke imagery of seaside laundry strung up to dry with an ocean breeze. The citrus is bright but subtle and touches on hints of flower greens. 

The odor-eliminating technology means you don’t have to worry about what smells might be lingering in the home. The ivory white color of the candle works with almost any home decor. This candle is a perfect one-size-fits-all for any application.

#2 Cactus Flower & jade

The perfect blend of floral and freshness, with just a touch of earthiness. The flowery scent isn’t overwhelming but it does build on bright Spring notes. So many homes are sold in the spring that it creates the feeling of a home buyers market. A slight mixture of agave and chrysanthemum add a light texture to the simple smell. 

Bathrooms, bedrooms, or playrooms would be ideal for this smell. The cheery vibes it provides feels like an opportunity. New homes, new spaces, new places.

#3 Cinnamon swirl

Ok, ok. I know not everyone likes foodie smells. However, Cinnamon Swirl is a great way to meet our “keep it simple” criteria while also spicing up a kitchen space. Open concept homes with a nice kitchen would play great with this scent. It’s not overpowering but it does get people into a happy, cozy, and hungry headspace.

When spicy and creamy meet, we think about Fall and Christmas. Some of our favorite drinks and foods have cinnamon & vanilla in them. If you think you can close before the holiday season, get these scents in there!

#4 Siren Mist

Siren mist is an oceanic smell. Shores, lakes, and foggy mountains all come to mind. This is slightly floral or perfumey but predominantly feels clean. You know when it rains and the wet concrete smells a little bit like childhood and cozy homes? It’s a lot like that. So light this candle, get your buyers indoors and out of the rain. Siren Mist is here to lure them into a fantastic home.

Sea salt, green leaves, and jasmine mix together to make this one. Organic components include orange peel and lemon peel.

This scent would work best in bathrooms or smaller spaces. For sensitive noses, this can be used in any room in the house. It will create a sense of relaxation, peace, and serenity.

#5 Drift Away

Drift Away is a little muskier and feels like a light cologne. The earthy notes are comforting and wrap around you like a cotton blanket. You can use this scent in any room, any season with its citrus and sandalwood notes. It is the perfect catch-all scent. Any occasion, any day, any house. 

Remember, scents create memories that are 6.5x more powerful and memorable. This is the candle for making a memorable home. 

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